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The Vineyard is planted in Kuna!

Kuna Vineyard Christian Fellowship invites you to join us for fellowship and worship.

We meet Sunday afternoons at 3pm: PiSTEM Academy in Kuna

Map to PiSTEM Academy

We’re excited to announce that we have formed a new church community in Kuna, Idaho.

With the loving help and support from Sweet Vineyard Christian Fellowship and Vineyard Boise Christian Fellowship, we have begun to meet as a church family in Kuna, Idaho. Currently we meet at the Project Impact STEM Academy charter school facilities each week on Saturday evenings.

We’d Love to Meet You

What is the Vineyard?

The Vineyard family of churches is a missionally-minded community, committed to carrying the words and works of Jesus into every arena of human life.

Who We Are

The Vineyard is a God-initiated global movement of churches (of which Vineyard USA is a part) with the Kingdom of God as its theological center. The Bible is our rule of faith and practice.

Our desire is to:

know the Bible, do what it says, and experience the way of living it describes.

We embrace a full range of kingdom practices from proclaiming the Good News of Jesus, to healing and deliverance, to ministry with the poor. Vineyard churches embody a praxis that includes intimate worship, actively equipping ordinary people for ministry, responding to the initiative and leading of the Holy Spirit, and joining God’s mission in the world.

What We Do

In light of this, we believe that God has called Vineyard USA to participate in the kingdom of God as it moves forward by:

  • Providing pastoral care, vision, resources and oversight to help local Vineyard churches fulfill their unique, God-given calling.
  • Envisioning and motivating pastors and leaders to join God’s mission by multiplying churches both in the United States and around the world.
  • Training and empowering current pastors to disciple, train and send future leaders.

Where We Are Going

We will know we have succeeded in our mission when we see thousands of churches with the Vineyard theology and practices multiplied around the world – led by pastors who are theologically, practically, and spiritually equipped to pursue their unique calling to “the greater glory of God and the well-being of people.”

Where We Come From

The Kuna Vineyard Christian Fellowship is part of the Vineyard USA and a church plant of the Vineyard Boise Christian Fellowship.


Joshua S. Hopping is the Conversation Facilitator of the Kuna Vineyard Christian Fellowship.

He a passionate follower of the Creator King with a missional heart and a love of people. He considers himself a Christian mystic with an emphasis on living out the here and not yet of Kingdom Theology within one’s daily life.

The Kuna Vineyard would like to acknowledge and honor those
who have gone before us, especially regarding the faith and custodians of the land.

In the faith, we honor the Twelve Apostles who lived the message of Jesus of Nazareth as well as the direct line of Vineyard leaders whose church planting heart led to our small body (i.e. Kenn Gulliksen, Brent Rue, Tri Robinson, Trevor Estes, and Marilyn Snider).

As residents of Kuna, Idaho, we acknowledge that we gather on the traditional territory of Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, a people that are still here. We also acknowledge Mr. and Mrs. Fremont H. Teed, D.R. Hubbard, and the other pioneers who came west and settled in this place. Though the relationship between these people groups were not always peaceful, they both shaped our lives and the land around us.

Peace, honor, and grace be to them all.

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